Thursday, March 8, 2012

Azaleas! A Nature Post

This is the time that the azaleas are really spilling out into bloom everywhere you look!
Just before they bloom, they have a little brown sticky covering,

 they come in a wide variety of colours
 And this morning the bees were really busy gathering whatever it is they gather, They crawl all over the flowers, the back of them and where it emerges from the stalk as well as inside the flowers,

 And this is a pine tree, with the moss draping down from it,
 These little clusters are pretty bright looking from a distance, and a nice bright yellow.  They are what releases the pollen, altho I think that's about over now.


  1. Replies
    1. thank you, it was a really pretty day today

    2. but you must have had more rain... hope the sun shines and the flowers bloom so you can enjoy all the colours - lots of snow here:)

  2. a beautiful post! especially since the only time i've seen azaleas is when they are slowly dying in a pot....and the yellow pollen makes me think of when our trees drop it - it floats to the top of puddles and blows in drifts against the grass sometimes....glad i have no allergies to it!
    enjoy the flowers and all the green things growing....minus four now, headed for plus five today - and again for the next five days! who knows? maybe spring is coming!


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