Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bonnet Girls progress

 I spent some time with the bonnet girls quilt.  It needed a border, so I decided on a pretty simple strip-pieced squares on point.  It is a seminole technique where you cut up strip sets and sew them together in a staggered way, like a staircase, and the extra fabric on the sides is later cut away.
 To get the pattern to go around the corner, I had to add a little strip of yellow at the top and the bottom of the central unit:
 and then I added a one-inch border of the gray, and a 4 inch border of white....
now it's all ready to baste!  and I pieced a back from some fabrics from my stash, so I don't even need to go shopping for the back... I guess that means no excuses for not basting it today (or tonight, or tomorrow...)
Actually, I do have another quilt that has it's binding ready to be hand-stitched to the back, and maybe that's what's beckoning to me now.
Hoping you are having a nice Wednesday!  It is the Wednesday link-up to see what others are working on....


  1. Michelle,this is a lovely quilt and the border is very appropriate.

  2. This has turned so nice! I love the little diamond border, very pretty, and perfect for this!

  3. Just beautiful and I really love the border treatment a perfect way to frame this lovely quilt!

  4. I love this is beautiful!!!!!

  5. Thank you all for the compliments! As you might remember, I bought at the appliqué blocks some time ago, and I guess they were made in the forties, so this is one of the oldest ufo's I have ever worked on....

  6. Michelle, I can't believe all that applique! You have way more patience than me! Magnificent border too. I love the whole thing!

  7. What a gorgeous quilt!!! I have done the bonnet girl/colonial lady before; but your border is it and the colors.

    Thank you for stopping by to comment on my little dresden...appreciate that.

  8. What a beautiful quilt! I love the border. Great embroidery too. Wow.

  9. Oh! this quilt reminds me of my dear auntie -- she made dozen's of this type of quilt, everyone at one time had one of her quilts... So lovely. The border is perfect!

  10. You certainly know how to make grey un-boring!

  11. Michelle,

    It's not your ufo from the40's though so you aren't that behind! I, too, love the border and the whole look of the quilt. Are you hand quilting it?


    Ps Patti has said I can come visit her sunbonnet sues but I think i'd rather go to Savanaha and see yours! Love your pictures of the city - it is a place i woudl obviously enjoy with the incredible architectural details!


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