Monday, March 26, 2012

A Look Back at Asheville

We got home from Asheville, North Carolina, yesterday afternoon and it was a good trip!
I created two photo collages to summarize the impressions of it:
The first, I call, "Asheville in Spring Bloom"

and the second, hits upon some of the eye candy to be seen there

It is certainly a wonderful place to visit for a few days if you like craft.
Which I do.
The following photos are some of the highlights of our trip:
 Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Asheville was in bloom!  Like many other places, spring came a little early this year.  We happened upon a string of cherry trees that were in full bloom.  It seemed to me that they were similar to trees covered in hoar frost.
 In the River Arts District, by the French Broad River in the old railroad area, numerous old warehouses and factories have been taken over by artists and craftspeople for use as studio and sales spaces.  What a treat to visit and see people at work doing such creative things.
 painters, weavers, potters, photographers,....
 and interspersed with the buildings were some gorgeous gardens
 Downtown Asheville is a non-stop tour of galleries, including one of my favorites that focuses on Folk Art, and Outsider Artists.
 There is the Grove Arcade, a historic building that houses retail spaces on the ground level, businesses on the second level, and condos on the third floor:

Many people think of Asheville as the home of Biltmore, the huge house and gardens built by George Vanderbilt in the 1890's.  It is truly a beautiful estate and a glimpse into life in an earlier era.

 It is also home to Highwater Clay, where I did some shopping!
 And of course, there are yarn stores to entice the those who like to knit!


  1. What a lovely, inspiring place to visit - looks like you had a good time and likely have some new creative ideas to ponder:)

    1. There was a lot to absorb, and I do feel quite inspired by all the interesting things we saw.

  2. so beautiful - thanks for sharing! a little dusting of snow this morning, so the sight of so much blooming is heartening!

    1. Molly, you would really like Asheville, I think, -- all sorts of the good things we like are there.

  3. ) I like your name printed at the end there : )

    I 'awarded' you with Versatile Blogger FYI. I blogged about you today.

    1. Oh my, well I had better go right there and read it ! Thanks monika

  4. Thanks for sharing these charming pictures and stories...Asheville sounds like a wonderful place to visit. Just looking at all the colorful flowers cheers me up!


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