Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Friday

Today I have no Friday Finishes, but it is a beautiful day here and the whole day stretches before me, beckoning with new adventures. 

 We plan to go downtown and take in a visit to the Owens-Thomas House museum.

 (This is from a different house, but I was just looking through some of my photos)

(Also, I made a new coupon for the store for you to use, below, it is buy 2 threads and get a third one for free--no limit on the number, )


  1. oh crumbs! at first look, i thought that was a photo of your house! it's still beautiful, even if it isn't yours! hope you had a lovely time.

    1. ha ha molly, if only it were our house! I would love to live in the historic district, -it is so amazing there, and at the back of this house there is a beautiful restful parterre garden with wonderful shrubs and flowers and a little fountain... aaahhh

  2. sounds like a little piece of heaven!


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