Monday, March 5, 2012

Free Motion Quilting...

Yesterday I got a bit of quilting done, as I basted two quilts! and got one of them quilted.
For this one -- the expanded blocks with 1930's fabric, I had been mulling over whether to add another border, but then decided against it.  I decided that what I really wanted to do was to just finish it.  So I backed it with a lovely Anna Griffin print that I found.  And then, I quilted it!
 As I quilted, I freed up enough pins to baste this quilt as well, which I backed with this funky red fabric.  So I have it all basted and ready to sew.
I have been making little swatches of machine quilted patterns:
 I had been using the designs found on Leah Days site (there is a button link on the sidebar).
There are all sorts of little filler patterns,
 Like these ones,

 They are quite interesting to try, although I find that I get sort of tense while I am doing them.  They are quite small scale, and so I get some really teensy tiny stitches.  On one or two of them, I found that my top thread tended to break a bit more than I am used to. 
 After a while, I decided to just try whatever came into my head,
 this one below, that looks like little bird's nest is one of my favorites, it is by Leah, and she calls it pebbles and ripples,
However, when I sat down to quilt the 1930's quilt, none of the patterns on the swatches seemed appealing for this project, so I reverted to my default meander!
I hope to be a bit more adventurous when I do the bright colored quilt.
Also on the track of finishing things off, I just bound the Art to heart fabrics sampler with Applique,
 I'm really happy with how it turned out.  I just love some of the birds, (which were from the book by Blackbird Designs, called Birds of a Feather.)
 For the quilting, I just used an off-white thread, and did an allover pattern of leaves on most of it, from the center out, but then the last pass around the outside border I used meandering.  (not sure if it shows up in this close-up)
 Well, that's a lot of progress!
We had quite a rainstorm on Saturday, and so yesterday there was a lake outside our back yard!
 Looks like we live in a swamp! 
But it is all gone today,  I think we must have gotten about 6 inches of rain.
This is the resurrection fern on the oak tree in our deck:
 Have a great Monday!
I have something special to go to tonight!  Stay tuned!


  1. Hello Michelle!
    I LOVE the pebbles and ripples one the best!
    I just finished scrolling back through all your entries to September, and WOW! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! All the flowers and trees, architecture, AND rooms full of looms! AH!
    I'm sorry I've been absent from cruising your blog because it's always so inspiring!
    Cheers, and happy journeys!

  2. beautiful quilts, my dear! what a lot you got accomplished! and i love the look of your swamp...we had about 10cm of snow last night, and now the wind is up to 65kph. 'travel not recommended' on all the highways around town...guess it's a good day to stay at home and quilt! or knit! or cook! yay!
    enjoy the warm!

  3. Beautiful FMQ. What a great job! And, I agree with does look like you had your own lake, for a day.



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