Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Saturday St Patricks Day!

Happy St Patrick's Day, (especially to you, Patti!, happy Birthday)

The weather has been fabulous, and the azaleas continue to bloom!
We've had a quartet of turtles in the creek who like to sun themselves on a log, but they are very shy, when I try to take a photo of them, they dive down into the water,

And, ta-da, the popover pan works beautifully,
the recipe Deirdre directed me to worked really well, and they suggest brushing the hot popovers with melted butter and rolling them in sugar and cinnamon. mmmmm

 I tried something different, and was inspired by the wonderful artwork of Geninne, this is her blog, here, and I have her link on the sidebar under the blog list,
She does amazing beautiful things, that just make you wish you could be that way too!
 So, I got out my little art box of watercolors and made an imaginary fish,
and some imaginary butterflies...
 It was really fun, and pleasant, dabbling away
 This winter, on my "sabbatical", I'm having a good time trying all sorts of different things that seem to get pushed off during regular life! 
I've also added a couple more blogs to my sidebar that you might like-- Artisun, here, which I find really interesting-- written by a wonderful art teacher in California who shows what her talented students are working on as well as her own stuff.


  1. i've never made popovers, but i have made at least two million yorkshire puddings....ALWAYS with roast beef, sometimes with guiness stew....ever so tasty, and practically identical to popovers! filled with butter and gravy (ok - there's never enough for more than two apiece, so it's not that bad...hee hee!) they are glorious!
    i keep thinking of how good they would be with maple syrup....
    and thank you for the new blog links - you seem to find the most interesting people to follow!
    happy st. paddy's day!

  2. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too Michelle and thanks for the birthday wishes! Byron always says he was smart marrying someone who's birthday is always marked on the calendar so he won't forget, lol! Your home is looking so lovely and your popovers turned out great! Never thought about rolling them in cinnamon, yummy! Enjoy! I also love your fishy and butterflies!!

  3. your yard must look and smell divine with all those flowers!!
    Popovers look delicious - now on to the yorkshire pudding:)


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