Monday, March 12, 2012

Popover Pan

Jean was the first person who correctly identified the item-- it is indeed used for Popovers!
Now I have choices-- do I keep it in the kitchen for the remote possibility of ever making popovers? or use it as a catch-all in which to put pencils and paperclips, or perhaps use it for holding little plant pots of herbs....


  1. popovers rock! We make them for breakfast often. : )

  2. yup - popovers rock - but if your kitchen is like my kitchen, more multiuse stuff is required than one use muffin cups work for popovers as well as (duh) muffins and even, sometimes, mini-meatloaves....
    i vote for pots of herbs! of course, you do live somewhere warm, where you can probably grow most herby things right outside the door....
    that was fun! maybe you'll find more 'mystery objects' to share?

    1. you know, it's been years since I made them, but I seem to remember that they were pretty simple to make, Maybe I should try a batch and then use the tin to hold stuff. I did get a really pretty muffin tin a while back, where the edges are crinkly instead of flat--but have yet to try it out! I think I've gotten pretty lazy in the baking department.


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