Sunday, March 18, 2012

Very Valuable Advice

I read this on the needleprint blog some time ago (It is one of the blogs that I have listed on the sidebar, written by Jacqueline Holdsworth ), and it has really stuck in my mind.  It is one of the most useful bits of advice on creativity and how to proceed with a project: 
I'm sorry I can't direct you to the place of the original post, because I just did a screen capture to remember it, and now I can't find where on the blog it's located,


  1. I like these thoughts and am going to share them with some of the ladies tomorrow:) Too often we spend our time looking at others rather than getting on with our own creativity in whatever form it takes.

    1. yes, and a lot of times we want to picture what it will look like before we make it!, so this makes a lot of sense, to just trust that something will come out at the time when you're doing it,

  2. Sometimes we overwhelm ourselves with all the decisions we have to make on a project, and we end up spending so much time thinking that nothing gets done!!

    I find this with people that are trying to figure out how they want to quilt a quilt, including myself. If you know the next thing you want to do, do it... like stitching in the ditch. While you are doing this you clear your mind to think of the next thing you might want to do. The ideas come to you once you have started the creative process. You don't need to know all the answers at once, just what you are going to do next. Just do it, and trust the outcome. Sometimes you can really amaze yourself when you are immersed in the process rather than worrying about the outcome. It's sort of like dealing with a block just by making a mark on the page!!

    Funny thing is, the best way to put myself in a funk creatively is to clean my sewing room too neatly!! So I try not to do that too often!!

    Sandy C


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