Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pieced Borders

Just added a new link to the Tutorials section on the sidebar, called Pieced Borders,  it is from Quilter's Cache, by Marcia Hohn.
I was just on the site looking for an idea for a border to add to the quilt pictured above, that I worked on in December. 
I felt the need to finish  some projects, so yesterday I went to the quilt store to shop for backings and came home with enough fabric to back three! quilts. 
However, as I was laying this one out on the floor to baste, I wondered if I should add another outer border. 
That brings me back to the website I visited.  It turns out that it has had over 21 Million! visits.  Wow! 
Briefly looking over the site, I can see that it is a very extensive resource,  so it is a really good one to keep in mind when you want some ideas for trying new blocks with some good instructions.
this is the link for pieced blocks,  here

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