Tuesday, March 6, 2012

And the answer is....

 Isn't the color of that rose amazing?
Okay, I ended my post yesterday with a cliffhanger!! I had somewhere to go last night! Where was it?

from in the late '90's, porcellainous white stoneware with navy slip sgraffito, gold lustre
Answer: A pottery class! 
It has been nearly 11 years!! since I did anything with clay!  I can hardly believe it has been such a long time, but from the moment that I started to get things in line for the store, I laid down my pottery tools, and then, as a result of all the minutae of daily life, and also as a result of moving house a couple of times, I had them packed away all this time.  Well, they are still all packed away, but for the last year or two, I have had some yearnings to play in the clay again.
mugs from about 15 years ago, part of the dinnerware set I made for us to use at home, still using it--- earthenware with white glaze, blue overglaze decoration
I noticed that there is a place here where you can rent open studio time, and when I dropped by to inquire about that, the person there suggested that I take a class, partly to get to know a few people, and the procedures of the place,  and so I enrolled. 
Last night was the first class, and I am so glad that I went.  The instructor presented an excellent demo on throwing-- centering the clay and pulling up a cylinder.  It has been  a long time since I threw anything, and I think that I have a lot to remember, and to learn to improve my technique!
I think that I might also register for some open times as well, just to wallow around in the clay.  It is such an easy way to get back to do some clay work without having to set up a studio at home-- hooking up kilns, mixing up glazes, etc.  Maybe I'll do that this summer in Asquith -- who knows. 
So, that is my big news.
As if I don't have already a vast number of creative outlets.  I'm not sure  what  my goals are, or where I'm going with all these things.
 I am enjoying the ride  though.


  1. but michelle - when someone has a brain like yours, brimming with ideas and colours and tactile sensations, you have to find as many ways as possible to express these things - otherwise it might blow up, and we wouldn't like that!

  2. ha ha molly, yeah, I sometimes feel like my brain might explode! like a balloon that goes scuttling around with the air escaping from it...

  3. what a great image! better that than a hamster in a wheel!

  4. way to go - I'm sure you will have fun "potting"


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