Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Have you noticed....

Have you noticed that often the colors of the fabrics or fibres that you make things with are reflected in your surroundings?
I noticed this some time back, but was reminded of it again today,
Case in point:

 I went to Tybee yesterday to knit and look at the water, and was struck by the fact that the colors are reflected in the quilt that I'm currently working on.  Even the colors int the feathers of this gull are there,
The red scarf that I had taken to work on was a bright spot amongst the sand.  

 But then, later, I came back to this tree that I had seen a few days ago!

 I almost completed the scarf this evening, but ran out of yarn.  I will need to go back to buy a sixth! ball to finish the last 6 leaves on the edging.  It has 27 in all along the curved edge of the shawl/scarf.  (It is a pattern by "Never Not Knitting", and I think that mine might be turning out bigger that the one in the pattern.)

Incidentally, while at the beach, it was low tide.  there were some really defined patterns in the sand formed from when the water had retreated.  

It amazes me to see the variety of patterns, all made in one area with the same materials- water, sand and the pull of gravity.

I'll post this tonight, even though I did a post earlier this morning, so that I can link it to the Work In Progress thing.  I have figured out how to add the button to the sidebar!! small steps.


  1. Michelle, the photos are lovely and inspiring. I luv texture. Thanks

  2. Oh Michelle!!! The frosty trees with the red is just breath taking! WOW. I saw the white & red & smoky blue quilt blocks at the store. Love them so much. Cool sand! We have sand here too. lol weird...

    Very pretty pretty post. I like it!
    ~Monika in Saskatoon

  3. mmmmmm you do very nice photos....and the quilt is lovely.

  4. I am always in awe of the "art" in nature...the patterns and color combinations are alwasys so beautiful. Love your pictures.

  5. I can hardly wait to sit on the beach and enjoy the view!!

    The "colours" are very quiet and relaxing and the splashes of red just enough to pull one out of their reverie...

  6. Such a lovely post! The pictures are inspiring! The second sand picture reminds me of the frost on windows! Amazing how the textures vary. Thanks!

  7. that just so true about the colors around us being reflected in the projects we chose ... the colors in the quilt really work well together. great job!

  8. Lovely photos. The third last picture made me think of a forest of trees. I wish I was closer to water here, I always find it calming and centering.

  9. What great photos - those sand patterns would make great quilting pantos!

  10. Love those photos, Michelle! Your quilt is beautiful. Love that border!

  11. Wonderfull photos - thanks for sharing!

  12. Beautiful photos! Especially love the texture of the sand photos!


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