Friday, January 13, 2012

good Morning,

This is just a quick post before we drive up to Hardeeville to meet my Brother in law for a BBQ lunch!
Projects are progressing here, I even have a finished project!  It is sort of appropriate to post this on a friday, as I saw on another blog the acronym TGIFF, or "Thank God it's Finished Friday"
 This is the linen table runner I was working on earlier this week.  I found a nice easy crocheted edging to add, and I was quite happy with the results.  It just needs a longer, or shorter table to go on.
 I washed it in the washing machine, and laid it out flat to dry.  The edging is a linen yarn, so I was quite sure it wouldn't shrink.  I might try another one of these.
I was also inspired to do a bit of actual machine quilting as well, so I hauled out this top that I had pieced in November.....
progress indeed....
who knows, maybe if I get the binding on quickly I'll have two TGIFFs!


  1. I love the linen table runner. I used to crochet edgings like that for little girls' petticoats, back when little girls wore Laura Ashley style dresses.
    Also, thanks for the great pictures of the cemetery and the sand on Tybee Island.

  2. What a beautiful table runner!

    I so much enjoy your blog, Michelle. You offer a wonderful variety of ideas, experiences, inspirations, tutorials and links - it's truly soul food. I loved your recent photos of your visit to that beautiful historic cemetery and the insightful post on how we express the colours we are surrounded with in our crafts.

    Keep sharing - I feel like I stop to chat with an old friend every time I open your blog.

    Thank you.

    1. well, thank you too, it is kind of you to stop by and pay attention, :) m

  3. Those are so pretty! Everything you make has a 'pretty' feel to it. ; )

  4. Yay, so glad you linked up, Michelle! Your table runner is beautiful! It has a wonderful combination of traditional and contemporary elements.

  5. So glad you joined the party (I love the TGIFF Community!). I used to do string crochet like your edging and so I know how hard it can be, very good job! Did you do a bit of embroidery work on it as well? I love the scrappy triangle quilt top! 2012 is the year of scrappiness I think, I am so happy to start playing with my scraps and crumbs. When did you make the top?


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