Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"The Book", and Bonaventure

It is nice to hear from so many people at home in comments, hello back to you all!
@Joyce, I'm glad that the shop was busy!
re "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil".  I saw the movie of this many years ago, and later read the book, I think they were both really good.  Here, it is referred to as "the book".  It really stimulated a lot of tourism to Savannah, and you can go on tours, and visit the house, and there are a lot of book-related souvenirs to be had.  I think that the book had an intriguing story-line, but more than that, it had some really good descriptions of the place, and some historical trivia.

 One of the places that is featured is the Bonaventure Cemetery, where we just happened to visit late in December, while Leif was visiting.  It is really a beautiful place.  It is located East of the downtown, overlooking a marsh area, so there is water on one side, and a slope down to it.  It is very peaceful and sprawls out over several acres, and under countless live oak trees.  
 Although others tend to read inscriptions, I tend to look upward in cemeteries, to the statuary. 

 There are a lot of little walled edgings.  These ones remind me of rooks in a chess game:

 And there is a lighter side to be found as well,
It's a nice place to visit.


  1. Beautiful photos! We went to Savannah and Bonaventure in November and absolutely loved it. I love cemeteries anyway, and this one was just over the top wonderful.

  2. WOW - awesome cemeterie pictures! I always try to stop at major city cemeteries which makes most people think that i am a bit "off" but I think they are wonderful indicators of many things in society and so full of history and so peaceful and - in this case - quite lush.

    1. Hi bernie, I like cemeteries quite a lot too. we'll have to discuss them when I see you next! michelle


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