Monday, January 9, 2012

Break from the quilt-- new tablerunner!

The weather yesterday was gorgeous.  I did some tree pruning in the yard and planted some violas in the planters, but still didn't want to come indoors.  So I did a bit of hand-work on the deck.  When I was doing the little flower blocks the other day, I had some petals left over.  (I had just attached fusible rectangles onto several fabrics and cut out a number of petals freehand)

 So I laid out all the leftover ones into a larger flower onto the corner of the piece of cream linen, which was about 18" x 56".  Nice size for a table runner!  I love table runners.  well, I love making them, but I do like to use them too, although I tend to forget what I have and use the same ones over and over.

After I hemmed the edges by machine, I wanted to add a crocheted edging. 
 First I used the large tapestry needle to do a blanket stitch all around the perimeter.  This took quite a long time!  certainly longer than I had anticipated.  Probably nearly 3 hours to do that.
 Then I used a size 2.75mm crochet hook to do a single crochet into each space.  this went a bit faster.
Now, I think I need to do some browsing to find a nice crocheted edging that isn't too difficult.  I've seen some on pillowcases, and places like that.  I don't have a whole lot of the linen here either, and I'm not too sure whether I have more of this color at home in Saskatoon.  I might have to set it aside for a while.  Or, maybe think about doing some stitching right onto the linen part-- right now it just has that one flower on it.  Monday again, hope you get to do lots of stitching this week!

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