Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pretty quilt

I just came upon this quilt on another blog, isn't it pretty?
it is from the superscrappy blog, here
the setting sort of reminds me of the "Town Square" pattern, but a little more complicated.

and here is another one, from here

This one too!
I came back to Saskatoon and am so glad to be home
Today I am meeting with my rep from trendtex to order more fabric for through the spring and summer which probably includes Christmas
Have a great day


  1. welcome home, michelle! you brought the nice weather - thank you! and please don't forget your cat-lovers when making up your order....
    seriously though, i don't know how you can manage to decide what to order - there are so many incredible fabrics out there.

  2. Oh, I love these quilts!! Have "pinned" them to save and study LOL
    Welcome back to Saskatoon....although I am in Maui right now, enjoying the sand and surf and watching the whales!!


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