Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Stuff at the store.

Pretty fabrics??? I think so!  they are from a Lakehouse grouping called Pam Kitty Morning from LakeHouse Dry goods that we just unpacked at the shop. 
Well, I say we, but really it was Patti and Jen. 
---Because it was year-end, inventory had to be taken, and so we let a lot of deliveries just pile up in the back under tables until everything was counted.  It seems that there were 7 large boxes of fabrics, and several more of notions!  So now, there are Lots! of new fabrics. I talked to Nancy today and she gave me a little run-down.
I like these ones, although they have a sort of odd name, "Pam Kitty Morning"-- they remind me of Cath Kidston stuff.  Nancy told me that we got in 18 bolts, so there is a really nice selection. 

Also, a lot of Children's flannel came in, some "funky monkey" stuff, and a dozen from Blue Hill fabrics with bunnies on it, and zebras? and other stuff too.

I copied these from the fabric companies web-sites, because I am not there in person to take photos!  this is wrenching for me!  I love unpacking new fabrics. 

 Oh, and Molly, just to tempt you furthur!! the rest of that Catkins line came in from In the beginning fabrics-- just had to let you know! what you do with that information is out of my hands.   (hee hee)
Seriously, I wish I was there to get my hands on this fabric.   I went shopping a bit today, but it just isn't the same!   I'll be home near the end of January, and then we will see what will happen.  I think there was a big Westminster order too,......
Well, I better go do my "Notions" order-- that's easy to do online!

By the way!  I hope that you all have a great year of sewing ahead! Happy stitching.


  1. eeekkk! oh well - didn't have any other nice things to do today! better hustle my bustle over to the shop and grab me some of those kitties! >sigh<
    thank you so much for letting me know they're in! today's one of 'those' days, and you have just rescued it from total disaster!

  2. You must have known I was coming in to the store today...yay!

  3. You really need to read her blog!

    Have a great day!

  4. Hi Michelle,
    We also got some pretty purple fairy panels and a few co-ordinates. We picked some other fabrics in the store that we liked with them and made a little display today. Already the fairies are flying out of the store!

  5. I do believe I'll be trading my paycheque for Pam Kitty Morning fabric! ;)

  6. well - i 'invested' my christmas bonus (and a bit more) in some of the kitty - to get my sewing machine fixed.... :(
    maybe i will just borrow my daughter's....
    lovely new fabrics, michelle! keep up the good work!

  7. oooh, I wish i was there to see it all! thanks all


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