Friday, January 6, 2012

progress on x and plus quilt

I had a pretty productive sewing time yesterday!  I worked on the x and plus blocks that I'd started the other day with the pale turquoise and taupe and grey fabrics.  Most of them are from "Hometown", by Sweetwater, for moda. 
The block uses these shapes that have connector corners that flip back.  Usually I trim away the extra fabric behind the top triangle, but because these are white, I left them there so that the seam wouldn't shadow through to be visible.  It doesn't add too much bulk in the seams, and I'm pretty sure I won't be handquilting through the layers!
When I set the blocks side by side to see how they would look together, they seemed sort of darkish.  I wanted to get more of the light fabric into the design, so I thought about adding some sashing between the blocks. I decided to piece the sashing with more of the dark fabric to amplify the pattern.  I think I like it, although it is a little different from what I had expected when I first started sewing the blocks.  However, I have to remind myself to be open to what happens, even if I have to see it as a different kind of quilt. 
I wasn't expecting it to be as dark as it's turning out to be.  the + designs are very dominant.  It reminds me of the snowball-ninepatch combination,
like this one by Bonnie Hunter, found here
I really like those quilts, and have made one before, but I like this effect too.
Still thinking about getting an overall lighter effect, I placed some of my leftover  (partway through, I changed my mind from making 30 blocks to 20 blocks) sections together to see what they'd be like as a border.

I'll have to think a bit more about that, and welcome any input you might have...

On another note, this is what I came home with the other day after shopping!
 Some Alexander Henry fabrics, and some others, including more of the beige linen! yay, they had more.  Also I went to the yarn store, called "Wild Fibre" to get a bit more of the red that I need for the scarf I have in progress, and some beautiful shell pink that I'm thinking of using for a cushion cover,
Isn't it strange how even when you are shopping for various projects, the elements often seem to go together really nicely?


  1. Have you tried them without the added sashing? It may take away from the darkness. Your previous photo had the dark crosses but it looked like there were warm colours in there too.

  2. Hi, Michelle! Thanks for stopping by Small Works, because it helped me find your blog! Love the colors in the quilt -- the dark gives it a very distinctive look. I'll be interested to watch it progress. Now I'll look for the Sara M. song you mentioned. Happy stitching!


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