Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WIP wednesday

 I have quite a small stash of fabrics here.  that is, aside from a tall pile of 1930's fabrics.  I was quite enthusiastic about them this autumn, and might have done a few too many things with them, because now I seem to want to do some sewing with quite different styles of fabrics. 
I noticed this block above, on a flickr thread of photos, here, it was from a quilter called Setsuko Inagawa. I think they are calling it "Japanese X and plus".  I had just done it from memory, and going back to the photos now, i see that I simplified it a bit in the shadings.  I am liking how they are turning out, however, and hopefully I'll sew some more of them today.  They are going to finish at 7-1/2" square. 

Another thing that I started based on a photo I saw, was this set of little raw edge applique flowers.   I have actually sewn a pieced border strip around them, but have stopped working on them because I don't know what to do with them next.  I have thought of several possibilities, but none really make me feel excited.  I think I need to get a bit more of the beige colored linen, since I have no more of it.  It might be nice to use larger pieces of it in the setting of the blocks.  (I know, I just want to go shopping!)

@Bernie, Hi there, it's nice you want to try some applique, and I hope you enjoy it,  this here, is a post where I mention how I do applique, but others might have some other tips or techniques that they like to use, hope you get lots of time to sew this year!


  1. Oh both projects are so pretty! I love your fabrics Michelle. Happy New Year!

  2. I agree with Monika, both projects are very pretty. Different and stunning (eye-catching.)

  3. I love both your blocks too! Hope you had a nice New Year's Eve (and Day)! Happy shopping! ;)

  4. The Japanese X and Plus block is striking. I really like the little blocks with the flowers. I could see alternating them with a creamier colored linen too if you can't get more of the beige. I like the flowers on the rectangles too, very pretty.

  5. These are very nice. Lovely. I've not tried linen but I luv the texture it is adding.

  6. Well, when i first saw them, I thought they were placemats. I like that idea :)

  7. Michelle,
    thanks for the link to applique. I finished up the bag that had the applique on it and I love how it turned out. Bot the applique and the buttons are super cute.
    I really love the bottom picture with those cute flowers appliques - is that raw edge machine stitched? I seriously need a better machine to do that. I think they would look great as postcards or placemats (I had trouble judging what size they were).

  8. I love how you have done the blocks! The applique is lovely too.

  9. Both blocks look great and very well done!

  10. Once you make a bunch more of each block, during the zen of that, you'll find out what you want to do with them. Not to worry.


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