Monday, June 10, 2013

The Current Quilt Project

The design of the quilt that i am working on is quite simple, but very dramatic!
It was designed by Melissa white, who is a designer for Westminster Fabrics,  here
A few months ago there was a free pattern on the website, for this quilt,

I would provide you with the link, but they seem to have changed the website and the pattern is now gone, at least I cant find it.  Fortunately I took a screen capture of the quilt at the time so that I can show you it now. 
It is very similar to one made by Terry Atkinson, Lucky Stars, or Star Fling,  (which I think that I've sewn three times)
  but this one has the addition of the white triangles on the 4 corner squares of the ninepatch.  What a difference a small detail like that makes.  Also, theAtkin on ones might be 9 inch finished blocks, and this one is 12 inch finished blocks. 


  1. Still love the block and the whole quilt! And guess what? While eating my lunch today I discovered the exact pattern in the Oct/Nov 2012 edition of Quilt magazine. Page 93-93 if anyone else is interested! Kind of feel like I won a prize... :)


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