Saturday, December 14, 2013


 I hAve made one lavender sachet so far.  
It smells wonderful.  
I have a few more ready to be sewn,
I had a leftover piece of linen about four inches wide, So I am just marking off squares along it and hope to do a few more.
Speaking of linen, we just got in some linen and cotton linen fabrics at the shop. I am intrigued by these fabrics. Of course you see Linen used a lot in small sewing projects.
I got this book last week and it has some really cute things in it, 

Such as this pencil case
And this apron,
They both seem like doable projects. I think I might try washing the linen first before using it and see what the texture will be like, whether it will change at all. I'm thinking this fabric will be wonderful to use in tote bags as well.
Deirdre will be here in a week or two and she does screen printing on fabric, I'm looking forward to her opinion on these fabrics as well.


  1. lavender sachets are grand! they make your closet and clothes smell so nice! i tuck one into my hot water bottle cover too - the gentle smell drifts up as i drift off!

    1. That sounds lovely, Molly, to have one near when you go to sleep, they are nice to have around! I thought these ones could hang in the closet from a hanger


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