Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Crochet Day

Well, at least it's been crochet morning
 I continue to make flower parts.  The ones above are not felted, and I think some of them will benefit from felting,
I don't know how many flower segments I have now.  I tend to make them and then store them in a glass jar, for the day when I decide to stack them and sew them together into fanciful flowers, to use for... who knows what.  Any ideas?  I don't tend to wear brooches too much, but can see pinning one or two to a side of a tote bag or something...
These yarns are along with me too for inspiration-- I'm at the cabin this week. I do plan to work on some book-keeping stuff for the shop, and also to work up some of the block patterns for the Saturday Surprise blocks.  The first one came out on Saturday, I'll put that photo in a later post.
 And this: 
this is going to be a little throw.  I am crocheting a "basic mesh", as shown in my new crochet book.  The idea is then to take long threads of yarn and weave them in and out vertically through the holes in the mesh, to create a sort of fabric.  We'll see how it turns out.  I suppose I should make a small sample first.  which I still might do, to test out whether to felt it or not later.  On the other hand, if I weave through yarns of other fiber contents, they might not shrink the same amount, so that would be a problem.  The colors are all sort of purples, grays, blues, and a little green which I'm not sure about.

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  1. hi michelle: i've been thinking about your basic mesh crochet with/without interwoven yarns. i've done some felting with mixed fibre content and sometimes the results are quite grand. one pair of slippers, in particular, turned out to be quite fun. i had used a very feltable base yarn (briggs and little, i think) and paired it with a very fuzzy, mostly acrylic mohair look-alike. after its tumble in the washer and dryer, the base yarn 'grabbed' the fuzzy yarn, which in turn puffed up as the base around it shrank. the effect was pretty neat.
    on the other hand, i have also had some pretty spectacular failures when i've tried to repeat the effect....but that's the fun behind the whole process, isn't it? it teaches us to try something new without any guarantee of success!
    cheers, molly


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