Saturday, September 25, 2010

Road Trip- Wisconsin

These are some photos from yesterday:
There has been some beautiful fall color, in maples, and in other shrubs,

 there are cornfields
 and some lovely farm countryside, this was around Tomah

 a real autumn scene
 I'm not sure what these bushes are, but they are all over, and very pretty along the sides of the highway

 this is seen through the truck window as I go driving into the sunset


  1. Those bushes are sumac. You are making me homesick for the East. patsy

  2. I like sumac a lot. There are lots of them in Minnesota, makes the roadside really pretty

  3. Hi Michelle! I just joined. I heard you speak at SQG. Lovely blog! And I LOVE those black chickens! : ) Thanks for blogging for us! : )


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