Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Well, I have returned home, and now my nesting instinct is in full force, as I'm busily cleaning up, unpacking, and happily looking over my sewing room.  (Actually it is not just my sewing room any more, since it is my office and yarn storage as well). 
While I was away there was lots of progress on the sunroom that we are having added on to the end of the house.  In fact, there is lots of activity out there right now!  I hear saws.  Today is when they are coming through the wall!  It will be a French doors entry from the TV room, which is right next to my "sewing room"! 
It is very exciting!!!
I would show you a photo, except yesterday on the way home, I stopped by the store and forgot my camera there. 
Instead, I can show you some pictures of a scarf I made before I left on my trip.  It was sort of a test piece for that technique I mentioned earlier.  It is a "mesh" made of double crochets with a chain stitch in between each double crochet. 
 Then, the idea is to weave in other yarns in and out of the mesh. 

 This is the scarf, and the ends I just tied off into knots and trimmed evenly:
 I think it turned out pretty good!  Now I have my larger project to finish. -- the small blanket.  Actually I have pretty much finished the mesh part, and am working on sewing in all the ends of threads where I changed colors.  Stay posted, the transformation is soon to come!


  1. welcome home! and thank you for the lovely pictures from along your way. i must confess i was a little bit hesitant about the scarf and throw you are making - i think i have seen a very poor example of that technique which had left a 'bad taste' in my brain! seeing your scarf all finished and looking so nice has changed my mind. now i'm eyeing up my stash, wondering if this, that and the other yarns would lend themselves to it....we shall see!

  2. ha ha, you're so polite. I got a couple of little potholders at an antique shop in ? which also blends some crochet and weaving, which I had to buy so that I could look at them more closely when I got home, they were so tiny I couldn't see the details!


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