Sunday, October 3, 2010

Just thinking,

I am really enjoying the amazing autumn weather we've been having.  Spent some time out in the yard this afternoon, there's a lot to do out there before "the snow flies". I love geraniums, they seem like a real "prairie" flower, even though they won't survive the winter outdoors.  The smell of the leaves is so distinctive.  I brought some of mine in to try to keep in the house over the winter, like my grandma did.  However mine seem to be all pink and I think she usually had red ones.  I also have one with lemon scented leaves that I like to brush past to release the fragrance. 

Hope you all had a great weekend!  We even had pumpkin pie as a pre-Thanksgiving treat tonight. 

I brought home the book Skinny Quilts II, and am trying to decide whether to make an abstract one with batik arcs, or a traditional pieced one with little house blocks using Fig tree quilt fabrics.  Hmm..choices. 

Very glad to read another local blogger's site, called My Sweet Prairie,  this evening, which you can access here.
But this is not a praire picture! it is of a carousel at Como park in St. Paul from a couple of weeks ago.  I love carousels!


  1. morning michelle! we truly are having a marvelous fall - it's so full of wonderful smells and sounds - i love the scrunch of dry leaves and the smell they have when the sun shines on them! thanks for posting the link to monika's blog. always terrific to follow another very talented woman's work! have a wonderful week in the sunshine!

  2. hi molly! yes, it is a good reminder that autumn isn't just visual, but has the smells and sounds as well! right now i can hear the leaves falling on the ceiling of the sunroom. also the sounds of the kids ouside doing phys ed, since we live across from a school. m


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