Friday, October 22, 2010

Stitching time

Every day has its stitching time.  Some days I start first thing in the morning.  Other days I don't pick up a needle until late evening, but that's not too often.  Usually I stitch on and off all day.  Sometimes it's Knitting needles, sometimes a crochet hook.  Today it's pins and my sewing machine needle. 
 I had been thinking about making a project from the book, Skinny Quilts 2.  I decided to try the one designed by Lonni Rossi that has arcs appliqued onto squares of fabric.  It was actually quite easy to do this.  I used tear-away stabilizer behind the background fabric and used some nice shiny colors of 30wt rayon to do the satin stitch.  This morning I added borders and pnned it, and now I have the quilting to do.  I think I'll try to do some outline stitching on it.  Nancy did a quilt in the shop that she quilted straight lines on, and it looked so nice.  I need to try not to meander over everything I do. 
 These are some of the individual blocks.  I seem to have two color schemes going on... hmm.  Well, I just used whatever batiks I had on hand, (except for the border, which I got after I had the blocks sewn together)

 This is a close-up of the thread work: 
 I like to use rayon for things like this, since it has such a nice sheen!  I like to use that triple stitch too. 
So now it's time to stitch!!!


  1. i've never used rayon thread on a quilt - just never thought of it, i guess (i can be something of a linear thinker...). i really like the way it adds a sheen and a bit of depth without using shiny fabrics...hmmm...i do have a dragon wallhanging i'd like to have done by christmas....hmmm....better get to work, me!

  2. I love this! Nice satin stitching!

  3. thanks for the compliments. I like rayon for stuff like this! they would be lovely on a dragon Molly!... I finished quilting it last night, having spent several hours on it!


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