Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wool, and more wool

 I spent a very happy day this week dyeing wool fabric.  These are the pieces that I took to the shop to be sold in the 6" x 13" pieces.  I was pleased with some of the colors, except I had some trouble with browns.  They kept turning out sort of maroon or purple.  I have more off-white wool, so perhaps I'll try again soon. 
 I am trying to overcome my knitting ailment- the Second Sock Syndrome.  I decided I just need to develop more perseverance.  So I just started on that second sock, and knit at it in and around other activities, until I finished it today!  Another victory is that I think I have finally got the Kitchener stitch into my brain.  I have had the worst time trying to figure it out, with directions and diagrams and even my friend coaching me step by step.  It has taken a long time, but finally it seems to make a bit of sense, and both toes of this pair of socks are successfully grafted together! Hooray!
 You might be able to detect that we are up at the cabin this weekend.  It is gorgeous weather, and very sunny.  We went out this morning down the road to a neighbor's and had a nice visit.  She was just baking cinnamon buns!!! They were amazingly light and delicious!

I will close now with another knitting project.  I have some quilting stuff to do too.  Do not fear that this is turning into a knitting blog.  I quilt. lots. 
However, on my last trip I picked up a couple of balls of this soft as soft can be, alpaca yarn.  I started to knit a scarf.  I intended to make a rectangle, then go all around the outside edge with another color yarn in an edging, but that didn't transpire.  Instead, I found a pattern for a cowl that had this leaf edging that seemed to be a nice idea.  It is an interesting construction, because the edging is knit right onto the scarf, perpendicular to the other stitches.  I've never done this before, but it is surprisingly easy.  One of those things that sounds tricky when you read the instructions but makes perfect sense when you just do it. 
 A closeup so that you can see how soft the yarn is!
 I can tell now that I will probably run short of yarn.  well, that happens sometimes, I guess.  I'll have to look up where to order it from, since I bought it quite far away, and I'm quite sure that I can't find it in town. 
You know, this would make a nice front edge and collar for a cardigan!


  1. beautiful woollens, michelle! even if you're not entirely happy with the browns...they're gorgeous!
    and knitting and quilting are not mutually exclusive - i quilt. and i knit. lots! the first blanket i knit reminded me of something and i didn't figure it out until i looked at it all finished and spread out - i had constructed it like a quilt! it had a pictorial center panel, border, side panels, border, 'binding' - it was a knitted quilt!
    i've often thought that a person could make a very nice scarf or shawl with a pieced and quilted center panel with a wide knitted border around it...
    oh great - one more project for the queue! just what i need!
    thanks for the inspiration! happy thanksgiving!

  2. yes, you're right, they are very compatible! especially have you seen sandy hoppe's stuff? she does jackets and shawls that blend knitting and wool fabric from old suits, overdyed.... they are gorgeous. I never thought i'd try anything like that myself, but who knows?

  3. is she the woman from near here? i've seen several of her creations and they are quite beautiful! one of the ones i saw had been made from clothing that had belonged to the owner's husband (now deceased). not only was it a beautiful garment, it had such meaning for the wearer...wonderful!

  4. talk about coincidence - i have seen three of her jackets in the last two days.....

  5. yes, i think she lives near Landis, or someplace close. Her mom was Myrna Harris, who also did amazing things with felt and fiber.

  6. Hi Michelle,
    I was bragging about your gorgeous wool fabric! I put a link to your blog in my post. Do you mind if I stick a blog pic of yours in there for a teaser so readers will come look here? THought I should ask first.
    ~Monika in Saskatoon


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