Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My new totebag

Yesterday was a great day! the weather was beautiful, and I was able to stay at home and do a bit of sewing!
Some time ago I had got this pattern to try out.  It is called Streetcar Bags by Indygo Junction.  I liked the substantial look of it for autumn and winter.  
 I had somehow acquired some pieces of a thick grey wool that I really liked.  It looked like someone had started to make a jacket.  Because it wasn't a solid piece of yardage meant that I had to piece some together to get a chunk large enough to use for the front and back body of the bag, but I sort of like the extra seams.
 At one point I thought this section looked like a cool bathing suit from the '40s
 It was a bit daunting for me to follow someone else's pattern, but I just took it step by step, and it made sense.  I also followed my mantra, "It isn't hard, it just takes some time".   The hardest parts were to actually figure out what pattern pieces I needed to cut out, and the turning inside out of the handle. 
 After about 2-1/2 hours I was finished!
 I liked the look of the two buttons on the flap that was shown on the pattern photo, but ultimately decided to go with a felted flower/button combo.  The bag is fastened with a magnetic snap.  I didn't put in a flat reinforced bottom as instructed by the pattern, but I might still do that.  I am pretty happy with it.  I think I might make another one, since I have a lining cut out from a different fabric.  I had been planning to use that until I decided on the purple flower, and they really weren't compatible, so I had to choose some other fabric for the lining. 
 And, I continue to weave threads into my crocheted mesh.  I made a test piece and felted it to see what different yarns and combinations would look like.  I photocopied it before I washed it and made notes on what each thread section was.  Also I was able to measure the shrinkage.  It was interesting to discover that it didn't shrink much horizontally, but the vertical shrinkage was nearly 20 percent!  So right now my piece is quite long looking for it's width.
 There are a lot of strings to weave through!  I will do a few a day until it's done.


  1. love the bag:) the crochet and weaving looks absolutely daunting!!! - but I'm sure it will be lovely...laurel

  2. yes! love the bag! sometimes it's good to work on someone else's pattern just for the discipline of the exercise! and i do applaud your mantra - so much of life is like that - not hard, just takes time...
    i'm looking at two patterns for bags designed by other people and i'm less intimidated by them now and will probably give them a go later this week! thanks for the inspiration - once again!

  3. That's cute! I have a couple of pieces of material that never became there original intention - maybe sometime I should make a bag like that. Bit classier than what I usually carry!


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