Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Selvedge Magazine and Dry Goods,

I came across this site, which seems to be a fiber arts based online magazine, here, and they have a really interesting etsy-type shop area, here

this is a brooch by SophieDigard

hut up felt bunnies

necklace by sophie digard

lavender bags
and these are some cuffs made by "Enhabiten" on her etsy shop, here .  I added her blog to the list on the left.

and so it goes


  1. oh you wicked woman - another blog link? to another one of those wonderfully interesting sites chock-a-block full of wonderfully creative things? just how am i supposed to get any knitting/quilting/sewing done when i'm spending even more time looking at all these beautiful things? shame on you!
    thank you! and i think you can relax about summer posting - summer is so short and there are so many lovely things to do that we can't do in winter. we should be doing those summer things so that we may have them locked in our memories to savour and fondle in the long winter days which, so sadly, will be here all too soon!


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