Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Something new

Something that I don't do enough is to play with fabric and stitching in a way that isn't related to the store. I do so much sewing of samples and writing patterns that it takes up a lot of time.  Then it seems like whenever I have time to so I work on something that is for the store.
 However the last few days I have consciously been trying to do something that is just playful exploration. I was very inspired by the work of Nancy Nicholson who is a British person who does a lot Of machine stitching on fabric she has a blog and a Facebook page. (Sorry not to include links to these pages, I am writing on my iPad which is a little more limited with that sort of thing.)

She has beautiful stylized images and a wonderful sense of color putting things together. For myself I am a bit more timid and have more conventional imagery. Well, it's all about the process isn't it.
This is part of a longer piece which I will hopefully photo graph later after it is finished. At the moment I have to stitch more on some birds. 
here's to trying something new, enjoy your day.


  1. It is lovely Michelle!
    nancy b

  2. These are so pretty. Love anything with felted wool!

  3. i find 'playing' with fibres, be they fabric or yarn, very VERY difficult to do...somehow my brain insists that every project have a firm destination - either a particular recipient or a specific purpose....
    this takes a lot of fun out of life...
    thanks for the reminder that playing is the best way to learn and to stretch limits!
    i do love the little birds - they remind me of the little stuffed ones you made a while ago...
    enjoy your playing!

  4. Thank you, why is play so hard? You re right Molly, everything always seems to have to have a purpose, so why is it that we seem to make rules for ourselves.


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