Saturday, September 14, 2013

Quilt labels

So recently we got in an order of quilt labels. These include the embroidered ribbon style that you sew on and also a type of color your own labels. I thought these were sort of interesting, and there are four different panels you can get. 

 I decided to try some out and because I haven't done much coloring on fabric I thought I would sample a couple of different types of fabric markers. the two styles I tried are a brush style tip and the traditional marker style tip.
I think that something I will do next time is iron a piece of freezer paper to the back of the panel fabric to stabilize it and make it more like colouring on paper.   I would also like to try a couple of other colouring media, such as wax crayons, and maybe watered down acrylic paint.  

I think the idea is that you can color in your label with similar colors to the fabrics you used in the quilt.
I think it would be a fun activity to involve a child into the making of a quilt. Maybe while you're sewing on the quilt you could have your child or grand child coloring the label.

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  1. these look grand! and they remind me of some crayons i got when my kids were small - you could draw a picture on paper (reversing any lettering of course) and then iron it onto fabric, where it would become moderately colourfast...i know i still have some somewhere! i think i'll bring them back out....when i find them.....


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