Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Millefiore Progress

I have been chipping away at Rosette 2 of the New Hexagon Millefiori Quilt along, and I have only to sew on some more of the outer round,
If you are doing the project as well, you will probably notice that I have wandered away from the pattern in a couple of details...

At some point I decided to add another row of hexagons to the top and bottom of the design to make it rectangular instead of square,
This is the plan I made to keep things sort of organized.
Also, I changed the configuration of a couple of the rosettes.  This happened when I was doing Rosette 2 and I decided that I wanted to see more of the pattern that was forming in the outer ring.  You know how one thing leads to another...
The other thing that happened was that i decided to sub-piece some of the larger diamonds.  
My rosette needed a bit of an accent so i changed a plain diamond to contain a smaller diamond of adeep  color accent,

 Also, when I chose gold for those diamonds that make up Block 6, the print became too busy, and the solid was too boring, so I decided to use them both,

Now it is March, and the instructions for Rosette 3 are available!   So of course I have started to get things moving on it,  .... 
getting all my paper pieces ready for it..... I just photocopy a halfinch equilateral triangle graph paper on to cardstock and cut out the needed shapes,  which is quite a relaxing activity in itself.  
These are my first two rosettes!


  1. Beautiful Michelle! As is my practice I have the book and the papers... ;)

  2. This is really so amazing, Michelle! I like that you changed it up to suit your own vision.

  3. Your rosettes are looking fabulous and I think that it is great that you are making changes. They will make the quilt totally your own!

  4. Awesome Michelle! I've said it before, I love the way you combine colours and fabrics. Taking the initiative to change it up to suit your needs is so fabulous!

  5. 1/2" graph paper onto caed stock? Where did you get the 1/2" paper?


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