Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Giving Back in Small Ways

Being a quilter presents itself with all kinds of opportunities.  Today I'm happy to blog about Periwinkle's opportunity to support a very worthwhile organization called Days for Girls.  I discovered this group accidentally when there was a request on a friend's Facebook page for fabric to make the sanitary shields for girls (and women) in developing countries who don't have access to feminine products.  Without these items girls can't go to school, women can't go to work (no income) for several days each month! I must confess I had no idea this was a problem in our world.  But I knew I could certainly donate fabric on behalf of Periwinkle and so I did.   It was then that I was approached by Kathy Litwin of Days for Girls to set up a special fundraiser at the shop.  We wouldn't actually be raising money but raising fabric.  How does this work you ask?  Well here's the scoop:

Kathy has chosen a few bolts of fabric suitable for Days for Girls.  When you come to Periwinkle you will be able to purchase this fabric (at cost) in increments starting at .1m right up to the whole bolt if you like.  And of course any amount in between. The bolts are in plain view so you can see what you are paying for.  Once the entire bolt has been purchased it will go to Kathy and Days for Girls so that they can continue with their important work.   Kathy made us an awesome poster so that we can track our progress with each bolt.  The photo below was taken last week but today we are only .1m away from the purchase of the first full bolt! 

We also have a few brochures about Days for Girls if you would like to find out more about this organization or get involved yourself.

In this crazy world we are living in right now it feels good to do something that benefits women who need our help.  ­čśŐ

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  1. I'm looking forward to coming in for part of the sewing bee that Kathy is hosting at your store. Very gracious of you. Maybe I will finally see you then!!


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