Saturday, November 22, 2014

why do we do this?

Last weekend I attended a quilting/sewing retreat.  i enjoyed it quite a lot, even though I didn't actually do a lot of sewing.  I did do a lot of socializing, and even had some meaningful conversations with a few people.  I made me think about all the different reasons why we are involved in this past-time of sewing.   And of course, we have different reasons at different times,...
So, I am curious about what you think.  What are some of the reasons why you love to sew?
above, this was a nice color coordinated moment at my sewing station, 
At the show and tell, i think we all loved Tanya's small squares
Amazing quilt by Sandy
I loved Allisons Tortilla Strips, wouldn't it be great on a bed? 


  1. i think there are as many reasons as there are quilters! first and foremost, i love to keep people warm - which may explain the knitting as well...also, i love fabric - the feel, the colours, the patterns, it just makes me feel good.
    and combining the bits of fabric to make something warm and BEAUTIFUL? priceless!
    that, and the great excuse to exercise my potty mouth when i do something boneheaded....hee hee!

  2. I agree with Molly; as many reasons as are quilters. My reasons at the very start of my quilting career were to keep my mind busy and to get me out of the house to talk with adults (I had 2 young children at home at the time). Now I quilt because it gives me a sense of accomplishment; and outlet for creativity; and I like that there are so many patterns and fabrics that I know I will never be bored.


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