Sunday, November 2, 2014

Jumbled Up quilt market

At Quilt Market, I often move back and forth between looking at quilt exhibits, and looking at sales booths.  the contrast from one perspective to the other keeps things more interesting
Jaybird Quilts, here you can see how large this quilt really is,

the next few are from the cotton and steel booth,

this dress is sewn from the new double-gauze fabric,
I'm sorry I can't tell which booth these were from, but the machine quilting on this sample was really great,

another shot of the RJR booth
more Tim Holtz,
Back to the quilt exhibits area, and the wide open aisles,

Beneath my Wing, by David Taylor

Bike Boys, by Lea McComas

Fade into Gray, by Stephanie Ruyle
detail, Fade into Gray, by Stephanie Ruyle

Cycles Two, by Leanne Chahley

detail, Cycles Two, by Leanne Chahley

Chloe a la Klimt by Helena Scheffer
Green Bee Patterns booth,

Kokka fabrics, at the Seven Islands booth


  1. Lots of wonderful things to see! Love Jaybird's Gravity quilt. I have it on my lengthy "to-do" list. And the hexie shaped cushions, woo woo!! And the quilting and the clothing...whew! Never get tired of seeing new things. Another wonderful market.

  2. Thanks for sharing some eye candy. There are some really amazing pieces! The cyclists? REALLY??!!


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