Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Current Favorite Fabrics,

 Well, being summer and all, my current Favorite Fabric grouping is Lucy's Crab Shack, by Sweetwater, mixed with a lot of white,
 I've been working on a small quilt made completely with half-square triangles that uses some of these fabrics,

I have the pattern for it mostly written up, so hopefully it will be available soon.  This is a crib size quilt, and I quilted it simple vertical straight lines.  I think that might be called "channel quilting". 

 I love shelves of colors,


  1. Great little quilt ...even if it is all triangles!! I do love your colours.
    And yes...I love the shelves of colours too!! Soooo tempting!! I never leave empty handed!

  2. oh yes - the shelves of colours are soooo tempting! and so very calming - i dream of one day being able to organize a 'studio' with my fabrics arranged by colour, my yarns arranged by colour....oh - who am i kidding - i just dream about having my fabrics and yarns 'arranged'! i do love that little quilt and i look forward to a pattern!

  3. Hi Molly, well, I know that yearning for an organized way of storing all those lovely fabrics and fiber,(and paper, ) so that it is all beautiful and inspiring. In reality, though, I find that if too much is visible, it makes me feel overwhelmed, and it is hard to do anything, so I have a lot of Iy store behind a curtain,

    1. and then - when you start to 'sort and organize' you end up pulling out four or five, ten or twenty projects you want to work on! they spill out everywhere and destroy any order that may have existed! gotta love it!


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