Sunday, April 21, 2013

Other works in progress

When I made the page about the works in progress, I only listed the ones in Saskatoon. Now that I am in Savannah, I must own up to the fact that I have projects on the go here as well. These are two that I have worked on this week. One is star quilt that I am making from a free pattern download From the Westminster fabrics site. Westminster was taken over by free spirit fabrics so may be the pattern is on the free spirit website. I will look it up when I go on my laptop. Right now I am just on my iPad.
The fabrics are nearly all from art gallery fabrics, that had just come in to the store a few days before I traveled to Savannah. They are and Shades of turquoise, gray, white and gold. I really like this color combination.
The other project started with some vintage grandmother flower garden blocks that I purchased in Houston. A few months ago I decided to set them with triangles of Black and off-white prints.
I had them on my design wall when I took the photograph. Just now when I was looking at it I rotated it to see how it looks when hexagons are oriented the other way.


  1. the question that comes to my mind is 'what if you feel like working on a project that is at your other home?' hee hee! have a lovely day!

    1. Molly, that doesn't happen. When I am in one place I totally forget what I have been doing in the other place.

  2. I like the star blocks. The extra piecing in the corner pieces of the stars gives the saw tooth star such a different look.

    1. The person who designed the block said she started with the Japanese x and plus block and you can see how they have similarities. But yes, I was struck by how similar the block is to the ones I've made by Terry Atkinson, like Lucky Stars, isn't it something how you can change one element and the block looks so different?

  3. I dare say it might be refreshing going to a different set of works in progress! The star blocks are very nice. I love that grey floral. And the grandmothers flower garden blocks look quite modern set in the black and creams. I haven't worked out of my hexie-obsession yet so I'm totally loving the setting and blocks.


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