Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Finish

I was scrolling back through some previous posts and I realize something. It seems that I often talk about things that I am starting, but not so much about when I finish them.
for instance I may have mentioned one time that I got some fabric to make a bag.  
well I did actually make the bag. And so I want to show it to you.
I used a pattern by Abbey lane called the Beatle Bag
i'm not sure why it has that name. I thought maybe it was because it looks like a beetle, but it is not spelled that way so I don't know.
The pattern included the plastic inserts. 

 One of the reasons I procrastinated in  making the bag is I wasn't sure how these things were inserted. However I just followed the instructions and sure enough it all worked out fine.
there are several pockets to put things in, and they are see through, which is great.  they are very sturdy, so I think they'll be durable.  
I am using it as a travel case for my english paper piecing project.  
each of the large blocks has its own pocket and I am using one for the equipment such as scissors and needles and thread, and glue stick for basting. also, one section to store receipts!
I have photos on my ipad to refer to for the pattern placement, like this, 
and like this....

there is a pocket on each side of the cover, but I havent used those.  they are the right size to store a rotary cutter. 
this is it rolled up and fastened
All in all, I am pretty happy with it!   
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!  Don't you love summer? 


  1. that's a gorgeous bag! i can see it being pretty useful for a knitter too...

  2. What useful little bag! I love the see thru pockets. Great fabric too. Thanks for sharing

  3. Many years ago I came across a pattern to make a similar type item, using heavy ziplock freezer bags and have used the idea quite a few times since because it wears well.


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