Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Eclectic Elements

Eclectic Elements is the name of a fabric collection designed by Tim Holtz.  
He is a very popular designer in the scrapbooking world who has made a very successful transition into fabric. 

We have carried lots of his fabrics from eclectic elements for the last year or so, but now he's got eclectic elements 2.. and we just received some of these!
to add to these..
( I think we are still waiting for a few reorders, like the amazing map fabric and the musical notes)

I have really been intrigued by his designs, but I haven't sewn anything with them yet. that is all going to change now. I have been thinking to myself what sort of design would these fabrics lend themselves to. I think that if I blend in some neutrals like beige, brown and charcoal then the fabrics will have a chance to shine.  

I made a little inspirational mosaic to keep track of some ideas that I've seen online.
however, in addition to a quilt, I've been thinking they would make an amazing slouchy bag to carry around. also, maybe an apron. 
  I think the main thing is to just start playing with some cutting and sewing sample blocks things to get used to how some of the prints act alone and in combination with the others.
so far, I can tell you that they have some great fussy cutting potential!  

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  1. i was just thinking about fussy cutting when you mentioned it! great minds?


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