Thursday, June 25, 2015

Time for a Selvedge Edge Project!

I like to save the selvages off the sides of fabrics. I just throw them into a box and forget about them usually.  from time to time I think to myself "It would be fun to make something out of those".
I have also had it in my head for a while now to try this design with strip piecing or string piecing, 
it is a project from this book:
I just dumped on my selvages out onto the table, and pulled out the blue and gray ones.
Initially I was thinking a table runner so I made one diamond with two ends.
with selvages, you just overlap them onto a foundation made of paper or muslin and topstitch the finished edge down.I cut out a diamond that is about 14 inches across and 26 inches long. I should've made it from two equilateral triangles, but that detail escaped me at the time. it is been hot here lately and my brain isn't working at top capacity.  
nevertheless, I just stitched them down onto my paper making sure to leave lots for the seam allowance. 
Before I cut the shapes to size, I decided to stay stitch around the paper shape to keep the stitching from unravelling as I go.

the paper founations I made were the actual finished size, so when I trimmed theem I added the seam allowance.
Again in retrospect, I think I might have been a good idea to make it a little wider than a quarter inch.
once I put them up on my design wall, the shapes looked a little forlorn. So of course I had to make more pieces. 

So long to the table runner idea. Hello new quilt project.

so now I am this far. I have also been to the store to get a couple meters of gray fabric to use for the alternate triangles..... 
I used up all my blue and grey selvages.
Have a good day. 


  1. fun project. I've had good success with overlapping selvage edges on the cut edges and top stitching or zig zagging them in place, without foundations. Of if you have lots of longer pieces, making fabric out of the selvages and then cutting the triangles out of that.

  2. This is my first visit to your blog; this is a fascinating idea for selvages! I'm going to be checking in to see how it develops!

    On another note, I got a good chuckle from your instructions "overlap them onto a foundation made of paper or Muslim and topstitch the finished edge down". OUCH! That's gotta hurt that poor Muslim! (I think you meant muslin--maybe spellcheck made a mistake?)


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