Saturday, June 27, 2015

put a frame on it

this is my motto for today: "put a frame on it".
earlier this spring, I acquired this lovely frame at a garage sale for one dollar. I like the black painted wood even though, or perhaps because, it is a little bit beaten up.  I also find the gold accents quite delightful. They appeal to the magpie part of me that likes shiny details.
when I decided to try the techique of embroidering on to a motif printed on fabric, I decided that this project would finish up in this particular frame.
The Tim Holtz fabric that I chose had three large butterflies printed on it. So I made sure that when I cut the piece of fabric these butterflies would be centered within the intended frame. Also, I cut the fabric pieces large enough so that it could be mounted within the frame.
I have spent several happy hours embellishing these butterflies. I used a combination of machine free motion thread painting, together with some simple hand embroidery stitches.  The machine stitched areas are quite flat, while the hand embroidered sections are more dimensional and raised.
I had put a backing of fusible fleece behind the fabric, and although I started out by embroidering within a hoop, I soon found that this stabilizer on the back was enough to keep the thread from puckering the fabric,
this morning, I started to do some free motion quilting In the background around the butterflies.
then I decided that the whole thing would be improved if I added a little frame in the stitching.  upon reflection, I like the idea of adding frames, or borders and I think it will be fun to hand embroider a few more,
if one frame is good then several frames must be better, right,?


  1. oddly enough, i was thinking about 'framing' just yesterday. i like to frame quilt squares with piping or very narrow sashing and i was trying to decide why! your butterflies are beautiful and look like summer time!

  2. Your butterflies are so beautiful. And the frame is just perfect. Love love!

  3. thankyou, they were fun to do, as an update, I tried putting it in the frame, and the glass is so old that it has a greenish tint to it! makes them look quite dark. Either I will need to find a different frame, or just not use it with the glass....


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