Thursday, July 2, 2015

Key ring

I experimented with makinf a few key rings this week. A while ago I made two of the rectangular wristlet type, using the hardware from Dritz, 
I used some ribbon that I had on hand that was an inch wide, just the right size to fit the clamp.

I also had some narrower ribbon and some large split rings on hand, 

so I made this other style...
the. decorative part is made from two layers of felt, with a fabric hexagon topstitched on to one of the layers of felt, (before it is assembled)
This shows how I made the connector part, 
I just topstitched the ribbon on to some wool felt, trimmed it so that the edges were neat, and then folded it around a ring and stitched throught the layers close to the metal.
the two on the left I used for the key rings below, and the one with the longer ribbon part I just left as is.
I finished them off with some simple embroidered embellishments.  I made some others that aren't embroidered yet, but they are nice to work on in the evening while we are watching t.v.-- currently we are going through the British series, Inspector Lewis.
I guess that I will be ready for Christmas with a bunch of stocking stuffers on hand.

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  1. what a nice way to use 'little treasures' - and how nice to have a jump-start on christmas!


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