Monday, September 14, 2015

Sampler Quilts and Show and Tell

do these look familiar? They are Jo Morton colorway blocks from last years Saturday surprise sampler.
it's that time of year when I'm looking forward to the show and tell to see what people have done with their blocks from last time!   It is on Saturday at the store at 10 AM, if you are in town and want to pop in and get some inspiration.
I had quite a few blocks from sewing up the prototypes. I have one large quilt sewn together, but I also had a lot of six-inch segments leftover after it was sewn.
Each of the blocks were designed so that you could use it as one 12 inch block or as four 6-inch blocks.
today I'm working on a smaller sampler that uses the 6 inch blocks.
(sorry if the photos are a little blurry, I'm taking them on my iPad and noticed that I'm a little wobbly today.)
I used 35 blocks and sewed 1 inch frame around each of them. Then I sewed them into a horizontal grid of five columns and seven rows.
I have a lot of scraps left over from when I was making up the patterns so I decided to add a pieced border around the edges.
I recently designed a row pattern that had a braid segment, so a braid border was on the top of my mind.
I started with 4 1/2 in. square that will finish at 4 inches when sewn into the quilt.  
then, The side rectangles are cut  at 1.5" x 5"... each braid needs two of these...
then you add two more rectangles, cut at 1.5" x 6" long.
i'll just keep adding sections to the braid sections until they are long enough for the top and side borders. I think I'll have to also add a plain border in between the center and the borders.
(of course, the edges of the borders are trimmed straight before sewing them onto the quilt)

i'm not sure if I'll have this top together before Saturday, since something exciting should be happening in my life tomorrow, but I'll take what I have to the show and tell on Saturday.

I hope to see you at the show and tell at Periwinkle in Saskatoon at 912 Broadway Avenue at 10 AM whether you have blocks to show, or a quilt top,  to show from last year or not. We will also have refreshments!

The show And tell  will be on the main level of the store, so you don't need to navigate the staircase. Also remember there is a parking lot at the back of the store. See you then!

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