Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Houston 2015 part two continued...

This post is about more things that I noticed in the vendor area of Quilt Market,
Many fabric companies have branched into other types of cloth such as double gauze, voile/lawn, cotton-linen blends and other sub-strates.  So there were many garment samples,
jackets for little people,
or for big people
there were lots of bags

and even a couple of sofas covered in fabric
there are countless quilt samples, I like the rainbow trend that is continuing, and the beautiful machine quilting,
some of the upcoming fabrics from Cotton and Steel,
and it was great to see this quilt up close:   I just got out my Millefiore quilt again in order to finish it, and I had been pretty curious about how other people were going to approach the quilting on it,
Tomorrow I will post some of the quilts from the show area,


  1. Great pics! It's nice to see the variety. And I feel oddly pulled toward the upholstery items.... (uh oh!)

    1. Oh, Patti! I can't wait to see where your inclinations take you! If you need help carrying your creations to guild meetings for show and tell, you just let me know. I'll send Kevin! LOL

  2. Thanks for the inspiring virtual tour, Michelle! Some real inspiration there!


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