Sunday, October 25, 2015

Houston Quilt market 2015 part one

One of the best things of my job is the annual trek to Houston every October.  I think this is the 11th time I have attended.  Each time, there is some part of the city under major construction.  This year it is the convention center street entry.
and while it is usually pretty warm and sunny, this year it is raining cats and dogs, so it is pretty muddy construction.
However, once inside the convention center you forget all about what's outside. 
The first full day was taken up with Schoolhouse-- a fast paced succession of short presentations.  There are about 12-15 choices for each time slot.  
these are a few that I attended:
This is Sue Daley, talking about English PAper Piecing.  
Another one I went to was about a new fabric line inspired by paper, and she had a couple quilts with paper pieced airplanes , very cute 

then, I had to see about Katja, from Katja's Quilt Shop in Kamloops,
you might recall that I blogged quite a bit about this project earlier this spring, it was great to see these quilts all put together, the last one is Katja's
and, she has a new project coming up, also based on her book, The New Hexagon:

Next, I saw a parade of String quilts from an upcoming book on that subject, 

I had a definite sideways list by this time, 

Oh well, coffee break, 
Another show and tell from another upcoming books on Using Your Stash!

I hope these photos give you an idea of what Schoolhouse was like 
In the next post, I will focus on some displays on the show floor, 
but, the best part of being here is the quilt show area, where there are dozens of shows...
including a very curious display of small animals


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  1. a book on using up your stash - a must-have! and those little critters? the best part of the post...
    thanks for sharing!


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