Sunday, October 30, 2016

Your Houston Correspondent Reports....

well I have been here in Houston for a few days now and have spent a little bit of time over at market.  For the past two daysI have Started both mornings by looking at show quilts. 
  I did take an amazing video which shows you the vast areas it shows cover and the startling emptiness of the Aisles. however I don't seem able to embed that in this post. You'll just have to take my word for it.
fortunately I have lots of photos of beautiful quilts to show.  descriptions of the quilt and who made it will be in an accompanying photograph of the information posted with the quilt. 

I first wanderedby some Japanese quilts, and was taken by the lovely quilting on some of the pieces, 

the hexagon piece above, had an interesting fill on the top and bottom edges, 

there was a great show by the Modern Quilt Guild, 

here are some closeups of some of them...

I really loved this one, and the more I looked at it, the more details stood out, 
the quilting, 
the quilting, 
and the quilting ! 
also, those black and white parts were pieced and very cool.

as you might have noticed, I am very focussed on the quilting part of quilts right now! 
 Having our longarm Lucey around has really opened up a world of possibilities to explore.

but here is something pretty cool, a life sized crocodile! 

In the next post I will report on the Carolyn Friedlander exhibit,

(by the way, I apologize if some of the photos are blurry) 

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