Saturday, August 11, 2018


August has been hot! hot! hot!  And I'm not just talking about the weather!  Although that's been hot too!
The shop has been hopping with all the activities going on in the city.  Close to the shop the Fringe Festival has been working it's magic.  Shows and street vendors, and more food trucks than I ever knew existed. 
The exhibition has been running this week too.  It's only a 5 minute drive from the shop.  Periwinkle Quilting was a sponsor of the Arts Showcase and the quilt displays and other handcrafts were just  lovely! We even know one of the winners very well!  ;)
Inside the shop we've had fun with our classes.  We've been making Jelly Roll Rugs:
And Scout tees by Grainline Studios:

This pattern is one of those great ones that looks great on everyone.  We had all sizes in the class and each shirt looked fantastic!

And we have group who are going to "Learn to Sew" with Taran next week!  It's wonderful to see all this creativity during the summer months.

On the fabric front we have several new lines of fabric (and as always more to come!)
The beautiful Tula Pink All Stars have arrived.  Wendy convinced me and I have to say they are just stunning.  Rich vibrant colours!

We've also received Indah Metals from Me & You:
We've got the beginnings of Something Blue by Edyta Sitar.  We're waiting on 9 remaining bolts and then we'll have the full range.
And as I'm typing Moda's Metropolis is on it's way to the shop.  This is a really cool line with a great Canadian Panel and fabrics with Canadian provinces printed on it!

I love Basic Grey.  Great colours for a guy quilt too!  We even have a pattern from Coach House Designs made specifically for this line:
Pretty neat hey?  We've also brought in some more new patterns and notions.  We're trying out some of the Quilter's Select products in the shop too.  Most notably the 6 x24 inch ruler.  Honest, it doesn't move at all when you're cutting!
And the rotary cutter:
I figure that if it can function as it's supposed to with the daily wear and tear of quilt shop activity then the product is a good one!

And finally, I'm happy to announce that our classes are up on our website and ready for your perusal!(, click on Classes)  We will have paper copies early next week.  We've had such a wonderful response to our classes already!  And with over 41 classes and special events,  I know there will be something to tempt everyone.
And that wraps up August!  Hot in every way! 
Enjoy the rest of the summer and see you in September!

ps.  I think I deserve a medal!  I wrote this whole blog with a certain kitty between me and the keyboard, lol!!


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