Thursday, August 19, 2010

Crazy for Crochet

I did some crochet last night, trying to find out how some wool behaves.  It was fun, and I didn't want to stop!  I ended up working on a couple of projects.  I was using a Swedish yarn called Matt-Garn, which is actually for weaving rugs, although it is good for knitting, although perhaps too rough for garments next to the skin.  I think it would make great felted slippers, which is next on my list to try with it. 
I thought it would be similar to Lopi, so I went on Ravelry to get some ideas of projects, I was thinking about some sort of felted items.
During my survey I noticed a mat that was crocheted with single crochet, and decided to try that.  However, instead of starting a rug 3 feet wide, I decided to do a thinner strip.  Once I started, I just kept going!  I am using 2 strands held together with a size 5-1/2 mm crochet hook.  It is making a quite a dense product, and I have decided not to felt it.  I intend to make 3 strips, about 1 meter long and then whip stitch them together. I might possibly do some sort of edging around the whole thing at that point. 

 Of course, then I was quite excited about how the shading was looking, and thought it would be cool to see it felted.  So I decided to make a felted "bowl".  I had seen photos some place of a container made out of felted wool, although I think it had been knitted.  But I was really liking the shading with crochet, so I decided to continue with that.
Oh, the reason for the was the shading is, is that I am using up all sorts of short ends of threads in all sorts of colors.  Instead of tying a knot each time i add a new thread, I just twist the end together with the end of the previous thread to "splice" it together, and it seems to work beautifully!  I figure the other thread provides stability.
So, I figured out how to knit a flat circular type disc, and then, when it was about 11inches in diameter, I stopped increasing and that started building the sides.  I was again using 2 strands of yarn, but this time I used a larger hook, I think it was a size 6mm. 
I  made it about 9 or 10 inches tall, I forgot to measure.  On the rim, I crocheted through the last row again in order to give it a bit more definition. 
I put it in the washer with a few towels, but not really hot water, to lightly felt it to start with.  If I want it stiffer, I can always throw it in again with hotter water. 
Now, I have it draped over a pan that I use for canning (I have done this in the past!) so that it dries in a nice cylindrical shape with a flat bottom.
This evening I crocheted another! one, but made the sides only about 4 inches tall.  I think I will felt it tomorrow.  I will try to take some photos to show you then!

these are a couple of the beautiful color gradations!  I think they are so pretty!


  1. funny how synchronicity works! it must be the phase of the moon or the incipient arrival of fall since felting seems to be on the brain! yesterday i knit and felted some small hearts for a bouquet. it was the first time i've tried hand felting rather than machine since they were so small and i was gratified to see that it worked!
    your colour combinations are beautiful and i love that kind of 'organized randomness'! i'm looking forward to seeing the photos of the bowls all finished!

  2. i don't seem to be able to get things to felt unless I throw them in the machine. Sometimes they even stretch!!!

  3. Those colours are lovely! The way they just blend into eachother is really gorgeous.



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