Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Stuff

 You can see I have been busy, right? 
there has been a lot of crocheting going on, and a bit of knitting, and some felting too.  But that pales in comparison with the sorting and winding that has been going on around here.
Tomorrow (Thursday) I am hoping to get the display up at the shop for the "Matt-Garn", a 100% wool that is super durable and suitable for felting.  We'll have it by the skein,(100 grams), by little balls, (25 grams), and by variety bags too!!! And YES, I even have the pattern ready for the throw mat pictured above!!!


  1. aw, crumbs....just what i need - ANOTHER reason to come into periwinkle.....not fair, michelle, not fair!
    cheers! enjoy the nice day!

  2. hey where do I find info on the up coming BOM? or am I early on this???


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