Saturday, August 7, 2010

Quilts to Put up

 If you've been in the shop this week, you'll have noticed that things have been moved around a lot!  It feels much more spacious now that the back room has been opened up to the main part of the store.  We've also been working on some new samples and patterns.  The quilt above is called "marmalade" and the pattern should be out late next week,
and, I finished quilting on my X and Os quilt that I made with 1800's reproductions and Kansas Troubles, and even finished the pattern!  This was one of the first pattens that I ever made, and the sample was sewn with 1930's reproduction fabrics and white.  I decided to re-write the pattern to update it, and so this is the result. 
We are going up to the lake now for a couple of days, and hope to finish putting the stain on the outside of the cabin, which will be nice, since I think the forecast is for some hot days ahead!   Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Hi Michelle, Nancy from Texas, here! Just wanted to say hello. I check your blog periodically and always smile. I love the quilts and all the photos that you post. You are constantly on the go and ever doing something new. Love hearing it all! You do a great job on your blog. Thanks so much for sharing! Hope all is well. Take care and hugs!

  2. i do love the marmalade quilt - not necessarily my favorite colours, but a beautiful quilt! and after looking at it for a bit, maybe i could live with those colours! it never pays to be too hidebound about what colours you like or don't like! looking forward to seeing the new arrangement at the store!

  3. I made a point of visiting your store yesterday. Love it!! So open and bright and lots of energy flow. Good job!

  4. These are both absolutely beautiful. :-)


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