Monday, July 4, 2011


Today I'm working on the Christmas Quilt "Jovial" by Basic Grey.  It is sewing up pretty nicely. 

The pattern uses some folded fabric techniques that are sort of fun, and interesting since I've never done this sort of technique before. 
I made a practice block last night, and this is what it looks like, above. 
If you look closely you can see that the corner "pinwheels" are basted onto the raw edges of the block, and they are really just a folded square of fabric:
 This is my tray full of 192 folded pieces ready to add to my blocks!
 The Christmas trees are also folded and inserted between two rectangles of white.  The technique is interesting but you do have to cut away quite a lot of fabric!
 See those triangles at the side? they are not used in the quilt.  This cannot do, so I resolved to use them somehow.
So I simple decided to sew them together into rectangles,
 (When sewing these long triangles together it will look like this:)
 Four of the rectangle units can become a rectangular pinwheel-- I will get 9 of these pinwheels from the cut off portions,
They are pretty big, measuring 12" x 15" when finished, so that's a nice start for something.  Not sure what.  Perhaps I can sew them into the back of the quilt, or possible a little person's Christmas blanket.  I'll have to mull that over as I continue working on the Jovial quilt this afternoon.....


  1. Nice to see you back. I missed your blog!

  2. O my! I can't get over the waste! Those are gigantic scraps! What a pretty quilt. Are the little folded pieces prairie points? Interesting.

  3. Thanks Verna!
    Monika, they aren't going to waste! I sewed up the big pinwheels and I really like how they look, -- I think I might make them ito a lap quilt. As for the little folded pieces, they are sort of pinwheel like, I'll try to take some photos soon as a close-up. I finished the quilt-top and I think I'll have to tack them down as I quilt it, as they probably will pop up as soon as I wash the quilt, M


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